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Price: $38.99

Since we first had this guy in our hands he has been with us everywhere - from downtown events to deep in the woods on expeditions. He has been our mascot every step of the way. A very good friend of ours coined the name Scout which has held steadfast. There have been many times on expedition that we wished we had eyes in the back of our heads - Scout became those eyes - he always has our "6". Scout has been with us on every 'Boots on the Ground" investigation and has even been with friends on expedition around the world. For a limited time our North American Sasquatch "SCOUT" is available in a more compact reusable box complete with four vinyl stickers: two with his likeness and two with our good friend's favorite saying - "Scout has your 6" and motto- "Boots On The Ground Research". Take your Scout along on your next adventure and grab some cool pics - message them to us if you want and we will post them on social media. Have Fun!!

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